Essay of hiv and aids

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essay of hiv and aids

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They do not pay attention to the danger that they might get of being infected. They are also the group of people in the society that are easily manipulated and influenced by what they see and hear. Young individuals, in addition, are apathetic about the issue as long as they are not affected. Thus, most of the time, they do not partake in the fight against. In the adolescence stage, youth are confronted with confusion and discovery. This is also the stage where the youth experiences peer pressure and the need to be socially accepted. Curiosity too enters in this stage which may lead to exploration of things such as drugs, alcohol or sexuality.

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The major cause of, aids is Human Immunodeficiency virus or which we called. This infection weakens ones immune system that leads the body to write vulnerability to harmful viruses and other infections associated with. Thus, aids is merely a result of acquiring. This threatening disease is not just a burden to those who have acquired the infection but also, most importantly to the youth who are vulnerable of having. Being infected is not just a prevailing issue that has a negative impact to the society but also a grave risk to human development. Many people who suffered from, hiv aids are merely seen as hopeless and disadvantaged. This is because of the either very little information or excessive information, the public, knows about the disease that leads to create misconceptions. What the people did not know or what they falsely know about the disease will lead them to a higher risk of acquiring the infection. This is a serious circumstance in the discussion. Many people in all parts of the world do not widely accept that they are vulnerable of being infected by the disease. Youth, in particular, are more subjected to this claim.

These misconceptions are most highly influenced by media since the media play a significant role in influencing and forming peoples attitudes, beliefs, and behavior (Goddard and saunders, 2002). This study aims to show how the senior high school students of the three well-known public high schools in Naga city-camarines Sur Polytechnic College, camarines Sur National Highschool, and Naga city Science high school- perceived the issue. Hiv aids through the use of an alternative media. Also, this will educe awareness among the target audience of this study. Acquired Immune deficiency syndrome app or fondly called. Aids is one of the worst global epidemic people have ever confronted. It is not just a single disease but a collection of serious diseases that can threaten ones life.

essay of hiv and aids

Hiv and aids : causes, symptoms, and treatments

It can only be controlled by prevention to save the mankind from retainer destruction. We will writustom, essay, sample. Hiv aids, for only.90/page, order Now, the prevailing issue. Hiv aids in the Philippines is often unnoticed by the general public. Most of the people specifically the youth are not alarmed on the threatening effect of the disease. They are not concerned on the issue about as long as they are not involved. This makes them susceptible of acquiring the disease and eventually leads them to construe misconceptions about the.

(ii) avoiding use of needles, razor blades which are used by the patient. (iii) avoiding the syringe used by drug abusers. (iv) Not allowing the infected mother to give birth a child. (v) Not allowing the young child to feed on breast milk of infected mother. It is known as hugging social kissing, shaking hands, coughing, sneezing etc., do not spread this disease. Treatment: Some drugs like zidovudine and dideoxy inosine (DDI) prevents hiv reproduction in the cells. Jonas Salk (who developed Polio vaccines) have developed hiv-1 vaccines which are found to be effective against experimental hiv-1 infection in chimpanzees. Though there is strong expectation that vaccines for aids will develop soon, yet this disease is now considered as incurable one. Its transmission shows rapidity.

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essay of hiv and aids

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The destruction of immune system gives opportunity to some diseases. These are called opportunistic diseases. Some of these diseases are: a pneumonia (Pneumo cystis carinii this type of pneumonia only occurs in aids patients. B toxoplasmic encephalitis: It causes loss novel of brain cells, weakness and seizures in patients suffering from full blown aids. C myobacterium avium: This is an infection of bone marrow. It causes decrease in rbc, wbc and platelets.

D kaposis sarcoma: It is a cancer type disease which occurs in blood vessels. It causes reddish purple, coin-size spots and lesion on the skin. Prevention: The infectious secretions of an aids patient are semen, cervical secretions, blood and blood products. The spread of this disease can be prevented by: (i) avoiding sexual intercourse. Both vaginal and anal.

Transmission of aids : The hiv was transmitted mainly by the following means: (a) The contaminated needle or razor blades transmit hiv the intravenous drug abusers are the main victims. Advertisements: (b) hiv transmission occurs by transfusion of infected blood. (c) It is primarily a sexually transmitted disease, which is transmitted through homosexuals and unrestricted sexual behaviour. (d) The foetus gets infected from the infected mother through placenta. Symptoms of aids : hiv infection can be divided into three stages:.

Asymptomatic Carrier: Only 1 -2 of newly infected persons show symptoms like fever, chills, aches, swollen lymph glands and itchy rash. These symptoms disappear for about 9-10 months, but the patient remains highly infectious. The hiv test shows positive test. Aid related Complex (arc the most common symptom of arc is swollen lymph glands in the neck, armpits or groin that persists for nearly three months. It is accompanied by persistent and recurrent fever, cough, cold, flu and diarrhea. Sometimes nervous impairment including loss of memory, inability to think clearly, loss of judgement and depression etc. The appearance of non-life threatening and recurrent infections is a signal for development of full blown aids. Full-Blown aids: advertisements: The full blown aids shows severe weight loss due to persistent diarrhea and some opportunistic infections.

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This is aids, the final stage of first hiv infection. Advertisements: This is the most dreaded disease of modern times. The disorder is characterised write by a reduction in the number of helper T-cells that activate other lymphocytes, which are responsible for the body immunity system. So in this disease, the destruction of lymphocytes makes the man highly susceptible to different diseases. Aids was first recognised in usa in 1981. It occurs due to human immune deficiency virus (HIV) (Fig. Most scientists believe that hiv probably first appeared in man between 40 to 100 years ago. Advertisements: Early evidence for hiv comes from studies of human blood stored, in zaire in 1959.

essay of hiv and aids

The viral genome copied on dna transcript is integrated into host cell dna. This integration may occur at any accessible site in the host genome and results in permanent acquisition of the viral genes by the host cell the course of hiv infection involves three stages: primary hiv infection, the asymptomatic phase, and aids. During the first stage, the transmitted hiv replicates rapidly, and some persons may experience an acute flu-like illness that persists for one or two weeks. During this time a variety of symptoms may occur, such as fever, enlarged lymph nodes, sore throats, muscles and joint pain, rash and malaise. The second phase of hiv infection, the asymptomatic period, lasts an average of 8-12 years. During this period, which is symptomless phase, the virus continues to replicate, there is a slow resume decrease in the number of helper T cells. When the helper T cell count falls to about 200 cells per micro liter of blood, patients begin to experience opportunistic infection,. E., infections that arise only in individuals with a defective immune system.

blood cells critical to the immune system which is known as helper T lymphocytes, or helper T cells. Helper T cells play a key role is normal immune responses by producing factors that activate almost all immune cells. Hiv is a retrovirus, the genetic material of which consists of rna (not dna) surrounded by a lipoprotein envelope. Hiv cannot multiply on its own and instead relies on the machinery of the host cell to produce new viral particles. Once the virus has infected a t cell, hiv copies its rna into a double stranded dna copy by means of viral enzyme reverse transcriptase. Because the reverse transcriptase lacks the proof reading function that most dna synthesizing enzymes have, many mutations may arise as the virus replicates, further hindering the ability of the immune system to combat virus.

Most evidence has suggested that aids spread from Africa. It is believed that the essay virus has been transferred to humans from primates like africa monkey or Chimpanzees. Important features of aids. A person, which is hiv positive, carries the hiv in his body. The virus damages the immune system. With time, the immune system becomes very weak. 3- symptoms of aids include persistent cough, generalized pruritic dermatitis, or pharyngeal candidacies, chronic progressive and disseminated Herpes simplex and generalized lymphadenopathy, recurrent Herpes Zoster, weight loss, chronic diarrhoea and prolonged fever.

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Acquired Immunodeficiency syndrome (aids) is a disease caused by human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The aids pandemic is a major concern in both developed and developing countries. The world health Organization estimates that the cumulative book number of aids cases in the world amounted.5 million persons. Aids, the Acquired Immunodeficiency syndrome is not a hereditary disease but is caused by hiv (Human Immunodeficiency virus). Image source: g, hIV from an infected person can pass to a normal person through blood contact generally during unprotected sex with infected persons and sharing needles or syringes contaminated with small quantities of blood from hiv positive person. Advertisements: hiv can also pass from infected mothers to their babies during pregnancy, delivery or breast feeding. Hiv does not spread through tears, sweat, urine, faces or saliva during Normal kissing. It does not spread by sharing utensils, towels, clothing, and toilet seats or insects bite like that of mosquito or bed bug. Aids was discovered in 1983.

essay of hiv and aids
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  1. It is scary because it is a disease that humans can protect themselves from and for the most part choose not.

  2. Aids and, hiv are both very serious conditions that can occur within the body if one does not take care of themselves and practice safe sex. Aids is the disease caused by, hIV. Aids essaysThe saddest incurable disease facing the world today is cancer. But the scariest is the.

  3. Central Idea: With this infection growing in the world, we must make sure that we are educated and that we avoid the behavior that will cause. The prevailing issue. Hiv aids in the Philippines is often unnoticed by the general public. Most of the people specifically the youth are not alarmed on the threatening effect of the disease.

  4. Aids pandemic is a major concern in both developed and developing countries. The world health Organization estimates that the cumulative number. Aids cases in the world amounted.5 million persons. Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech, the audience will be informed on the risks of hiv aids and the steps you can take to prevent this from happening.

  5. Essay, term paper research paper. Brenden English, aids and Society The number of newborns infected by vertical transmission of the human immunodeficiency virus is increasing as the number of hiv -positive women increases within the United States. Essay : aids acquired Immune deficiency syndrome hiv is the etiological agent of, aids leaving the body vulnerable to a variety of life threatening. Hiv transmission occurs by transfusion of infected blood. (c) It is primarily a sexually transmitted disease, which is transmitted through homosexuals and unrestricted sexual behaviour.

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