Smoothie business plan pdf

85568746 Free juice and Smoothie bar Business Plan

smoothie business plan pdf

Business Plan Smoothie and juice bar juice nutrition

18 Copyright 2012 Smoothie bar-celona. Operations Project Management Copyright 2012 Smoothie bar-celona. 19 Copyright 2012 Smoothie bar-celona. Human Resources Strategy / Organizational structure hr seen as an important strategic factor Employees are considered the most important asset They will be a key to success through their commitment and attitude to the customer satisfaction. Sb will attract and hire the best applicants, and provide the best work environment main motivational factor: belongingness to an entrepreneurship business with a high projection for growth The main values on which Smoothie bar-celona is build on are: customer orientation, friendliness, dynamism and integrity. 20 Organizational Structure months 1-6: Shareholders will also work in the operation activities of the business After 6th month: Incorporation of a general Manager plus two assistants After two years: Incorporation of a assistant Manager plus one Assistant for the second kiosk. 21 Copyright 2012 Smoothie bar-celona. Financial Plan Capital Structure first store: Initial investment 41,780 Working Capital 28,220 Monthly loan payments 1,216.88 loan for 2nd store 32,000 Annuity for 3rd store copyright 2012 Smoothie bar-celona.

Starting a juice bar - sample business Plan Template

13, copyright 2012 Smoothie bar-celona. Promotion Brand proposition: Smoothie barcelona is the most convenient, fresh and tasty option to nurture and energize your body and immune system at a reasonable price. Promotion: Sampling Flyers Bonus / loyalty cards resume Homepage sem / seo newsletter Sweepstakes Alliances Copyright 2012 Smoothie bar-celona. 14, copyright 2012 Smoothie bar-celona. Homepage Copyright 2012 Smoothie bar-celona. Operations Value chain: Reception, storage write and quality control of fruits and other raw materials Inbound logistics Preparation of Smoothies Packaging maintenance of facilities Sales Procurement Human Resources Preparation of Smoothies. Marketing Customer Service Accounting finance Operations Copyright 2012 Smoothie bar-celona. 16, copyright 2012 Smoothie bar-celona. Initial Investments The main investment required to start the business is composed by the following aspects: 2nd Store: 3rd Store: copyright 2012 Smoothie bar-celona. 17, copyright 2012 Smoothie bar-celona. Operations Processes / diagram path Copyright 2012 Smoothie bar-celona.

Additionally and as a result of the scarce restrictions that the product has in terms of age, marketing gender and benefits, a secondary will be the tourists that come to city and young professionals that are adopting new trends. Low Cost Strategy differentiation Mass Traditional consumers of drinks Coffee beer Regular sodas Water Packed fruit juices Soft drinks Yogurt Niche people in the healthy living trend. Energetic drinks Light sodas Vitamins 100 Natural fruit juices to grab and go copyright 2012 Smoothie bar-celona. 10, positioning Aligned with healthy trend Expensive cheap. Smoothie bar-celona Smoothie bar-celona Expensive cheap - aligned with healthy trend Copyright 2012 Smoothie bar-celona. 11, copyright 2012 Smoothie bar-celona. Strategy focused Differentiation Strategy Strategically increase the number of locations within a short time-frame, expanding the reach, making the products more available to the consumers. Take advantage of economies of scale Strong brand management In comparison to the first store, the following kiosks are small in size, investment and running costs, and are flexible and easy to set-up. 12, competitive advantage, excellent value-for-money we offer to our customers Superior product quality and positioning combined with a price lower than that of the competition Cost control and Economies of Scale diversified menu Unique high traffic location Clear shaped image and brand experience aligned.

smoothie business plan pdf

Juicy boost: a business Plan - cal Poly

7, copyright 2012 Smoothie bar-celona. Secondary research Consumer Trends: Constant growth rates of the juice market in Spain! Soft drink market in Spain will rise up to 9 billion euros Resilience of health products during the recession to customers´ desire to maintain their health / wellness habits while avoiding risky cheaper options Growing demand for easy health (convenience) in the shape of functional. 8, copyright 2012 Smoothie bar-celona. Primary research Survey results (90 respondents) Positive attitude towards Smoothies / freshly made natural juices High demand not saturated / growing market Accepted by the target first group / health-conscious people perceived as healthy fast-food alternative (tourists and short-/long-term residents) main reasons for not consuming: doubts. 9 100 Natural fruit juices to grab and. Target strategy Smoothie barcelonas customers are likely to be followers of a healthy type of lifestyle.

Average of 5 million visitors in Barcelona per year. 5, copyright 2012 Smoothie bar-celona. Industry Analysis five forces: Smoothie industry is in a growing stage, with few players; differentiation is key. 6, external internal Analysis. Tows matrix Create a product to grab and go aligned with increasing healthy trend and convenience of time. Strategic location will increase sales with tourists in bcn. The shareholders/management will learn during 6 months the business and new employees require previous experience in the food industry. T differentiation strategy and brand awareness will reduce the risk of threat of new competitors Management will establish long term agreements with suppliers and forecast average costs, to reduce effects of variations. Key success factors Location Copyright 2012 Smoothie bar-celona.

Smoothie bar Business Plan

smoothie business plan pdf

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Presentation on theme: "Smoothie bar-celona Smoothie juice bar Business Plan"— Presentation transcript: 1, smoothie bar-celona Smoothie juice bar Business Plan 2, copyright 2012 Smoothie bar-celona. Business Proposal Smoothie-bar, named Smoothie bar-celona, selling a variety of mixed and instantly prepared, 100 natural fruit juices and Smoothies to take away. The target group is composed of health conscious consumers looking for convenient fast-food alternatives The healthy benefits and tastes of our juices are the core of our organization and will be transmitted through our efficient service. Copyright 2012 Smoothie bar-celona. 3, copyright 2012 Smoothie bar-celona. The business Vision apartment to be perceived as the provider of the most delicious, convenient and healthy grab and go alternative in Barcelona. Mission to provide a healthy, tasty and refreshing experience with our 100 natural fruit juices and smoothies to take away.

To serve and satisfy the nutrition needs of health conscious consumers through the high resume quality of our products. We contribute to make barcelona a healthier city. 4, copyright 2012 Smoothie bar-celona. External Analysis Spain: A contraction.2 in the gdp was forecasted for Unemployment rate rises 20 in the first quarter of 2010. Catalunya: gdp catalunya is similar to those of Finland and Denmark and higher that Ireland. The gdp per capita 2009: 26,831 euros. (-7 vs 2008) food and beverage industry had.06 of total production in the region.

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smoothie business plan pdf

Progressive business Plan for a smoothie shop: a comprehensive fill-in-the-Blank template. Laboratory business plan ppt chemical development sample starting a medical BgViewsnetwork medical Supplies Business Plan Pdf Ppt. Business Plan Nonprofit Outline sample Strategic Template Examples Nonit Pdf Easy consciousbeingwellness Com Canada Free basic 1024x. Business plan mistakes top 10 to avoid common template pitfalls be avoided in preparation of BgViewsnetwork Accounting Firm Business. Cambodia address example morocco format addressexamples com business plan in phnom penh street postal code kandal province. what is business plan pdf they are setting out involving goals in relation to business. By showing e-commerce plan to potential. goat best Farming Business Plan ( pdf, word And Excel) Click buy now below to purchase using paypal, Credit Card, business plan video editing. Go karting Business Plan - download as pdf file (.

sample Shop Example In juice, business, plan, buko juice, business, plan. Sample fresh juice, business, plan, pdf, corner In India, smoothie. plan sample smoothie bar business plan juice bar business plan sample pdf sample wine bar business plan free sample business plan bar. Award winning business plan pdf best plans types of online bgViewsnetwork Award Winning Business Plan Pdf of a business plan pdf what. Bottled water business plan pdf production packaged drinking manufacturing bottling BgViewsnetwork bottled Water Business Plan Pdf. Cleaning proposal template pdf business plan free word service with checklist services letter BgViewsnetwork window Cleaning Business.

What do you include in a business plan? What are the'must have's' and 'have not's' of business plans? A good business plan would document app short-term and long-term goals of the business and establish specific tasks for achieving theses goals. Planning is the process that never ends for a business and is extremely important in the early stages of the business. However, business planning and is extremely important in the early stages of the business.

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I teach that you should seek to learn from competitors; obviously never the copy another business's idea or what they are doing, but you can absolutely learn from their mistakes or see what they are doing and discover ways to improve. All of that analysis belongs in your business plan: make sure you have your competitors under the microscope and make sure that is a solid chunk of your plan. That is some of the best research and information you will gather about what will make your business successful in future. A business that makes sense and is going to be sustainable in the future is one that has that clear vision within which all the smaller parts contribute to make it successful. A business plan is the first step of starting a business. It is neither easy nor difficult. What is a business plan about? How do you implement a business plan?

smoothie business plan pdf
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Buy the Smoothie bar Business Plan now for. The documents will be available for download (in pdf - and Excel-format) after the purchasing process is completed. Smoothie bar Business PlanSmoothie and juice bar Business Plan Copyright 2012 Smoothie bar-celona.

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  3. Starting a smoothie or juice bar is a great business opportunity with high profit potential and. Smoothie bar Business Plan now. (in, pdf - and Excel).

  4. Smoothie and juice, bar, business Plan. Are you interested in starting a fruit juice smoothie bar? Do you need a sample juice bar business plan template or feasibility study? I advice you read.

  5. Free, juice and Smoothie bar Business, planFor raising Capital from Investors, banks, or Grant Companies! Please note that the financi. Pdf or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content. Smoothie, bar, business Plan.

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